BitstampM platform is Bitstamp Old European digital currency exchange as the main operator

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BitstampM through the comprehensive use of cryptography and blockchain technology to support decentralized association governance capabilities at the technical level, realizes the credible and efficient custody and settlement of the blockchain BitstampM mining, thereby solving the problems faced by mining platforms the core problem, this innovative mining asset custody and clearing technology, has brought Britain to encrypt money market covering innovation, allowing users mining assets are stronger than the bank-level security

BitstampM Mining Platform

With the help of BitstampM 's technical capabilities, the BitstampM mining platform can maintain the high performance of ultra-high transaction concurrency after achieving decentralized security and credibility

BitstampM application

BitstampM adopts the underlying blockchain model of super nodes and global custody and clearing, and has traditional financial-level business, technology and supervision capabilities

Platform Security

The user's assets are fully realized through decentralized blockchain technology to achieve custody and clearing, and provide transparent services for individuals and institutions with encrypted digital currency assets.

technological advantages

BitstampM always revolves around delivering real, real-time and sustainable data value to users, in order to solve the pain point of digital economy development and expand the ecological boundary of trusted and shared digital economy alliance.

Easy Access

Users can maintain their own digital assets at any time, set up corresponding models for different types of digital assets, divided into private, open, charging, and pricing digital assets for charging mode.

Transaction Speed

By optimizing the key links of signature algorithm, account structure, data operation, serialization, consensus mechanism, message diffusion and so on, the BitstampM will realize the fast transaction verification at the second level. Meet the user experience of most block chain application scenarios.

High Scalability

BitstampM blockchain structure can meet the needs of different business areas and improve the scalability and maintenance efficiency of the system. It can be used to mark assets and asset transfers, also provide non-tampering multidimensional event records, can also be used to supply chain financial traceability to track the flow of funds。

mining model design

BitstampM will establish cooperation with 8 top mining pools in the world. , Ant Pool, ViaBTC Pool, F2pool, etc., are all BitstampM’s target strategic cooperation pools;

Users can set the wallet address according to their own needs, either a centralized wallet account or a personal wallet after saving the private key;

The fee for payment is borne by the mining pool, and the user does not need to spend the fee;

The daily payment of the mining pool has a fixed time, and users can get their own digital currency as soon as possible;

When the cumulative revenue of a single order / sub-account reaches the minimum payment threshold of the mining pool, the mining pool will usually release the cumulative revenue of the order on the next day to the corresponding receiving address.

core competitiveness

The use of mining machines are the world’s top five mining machine equipment, machines will own more than 10 tens of thousands of units, unprecedented power; professional and technical team, the entire process of supervision and maintenance. All of the above
are to ensure that the ant cloud is stable and rapid development!


BitstampM will be built on the self-developed underlying blockchain network, and will learn from previous mature systems to ensure the highest level of security.


BitstampM independent research and development of the underlying block chain network to ensure that the users can enjoy top speed of transaction of experience, to maintain the highest transaction rate of TPS.


BitstampM will put transaction information on the chain to remove the inflated IOU that may occur in the operation of the centralized trading platform , misappropriate user deposits and the market for gambling, etc.; reduce the risk of using the trading platform and increase the transparency of the trading platform.


Many centralized trading platforms collect user information through KYC , which increases the risk of user information leakage. BitstampM will use cryptography to encrypt user information and transaction information to protect the privacy of user information.

Development Plan


It is used for the cost input of technology research and development, project operation, and marketing in the early stage of the BitstampM network.


User's long-term resource integration, commercial cooperation, and chain project development.


User’s long-term system development, community promotion, preface technology research and other aspects.


Users have long-term liabilities for the management of BitstampM network development, construction, and development, as well as related affairs of open source community projects.

Core Team

Carlos Serrano-Morales


Carlos was fully responsible for the technical implementation of the decision management platform, including predictive analysis, business rules, decision optimization, and the company’s enterprise architecture group.

Alston Reed

Senior Security Advisor

He used to be the architect of RSA Security , a major provider of world-class information security and encryption solutions, and the core developer of RSA Go IDSM products; he is also a blockchain expert and an expert member of the American Digital Currency Association.

Charles L. Forgy

Senior Tech

As early as 2008 , he began to track and identify people and determine behavior based on image recognition technology, and was a member of the runner-up team of the fifth ImageNet image recognition competition. Served in the Google Deep Mind team and engaged in artificial intelligence and big data related research.